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Mount Ararat Hiking Tour

Mount Ararat Hiking Tour

$850 / per person
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Mount Ararat is one of the most popular destinations for professional climbers, mountaineers, and tourist from all around the world. With an altitude of 5137 m, it attracts thousands of people every year. Our Mount Ararat Hiking Tour is carried out by local professional guides with a high quality of services. Our experienced team works professionally and delicately to make this tour memorable for your lifetime.  All phases of the tour are carried out in secure that you feel comfortable. With extra acclimatization day, you will reach to your higher goals to the summit of Mount Ararat in securely with 7 days Mount Ararat Hiking Tour.

7 Days
15+ Age
  • Departure
    Igdir/Agri/Van Airport
  • Departure Time
    Based on flight schedule
  • Return Time
    Based on flight schedule
  • Dress Code
  • Included
    Airport Transfer
    Museum/National Park Fees
    Travel Health Insurance
  • Not Included
    Domestic Flights

Tour Plan


Welcome to East!

We welcome you at the airport and transfer to Dogubayazit which is the base location for Ararat trekking. We can pick you up from Agri, Igdir, or Van airports. Here are distance from Dogubeyasit to Airports: Igdir Airport -70 km Agri Ahmedi Hani Airport- 110 km Van Ferit Melen Airport-200 km Have rest at your hotel in Dogubeyazit and be ready for tomorrow.

Hike to Mount Ararat

Let’s star to our journey in the morning. Having a nice breakfast, let’s pack up our relevant equipments and drive to Cevirme Village. Ararat trekking starts at Cevirme Village at 2200 m. We will pack all of our equipments on horses and start hiking all together. After 3-4 hour trekking, we will reach to our first campsite after 7.3 km with an altitude of 3300 m. We will set our tents and kitchen tent there. Let’s have lunch and then go around discovering nature. Have dinner and overnight in tent. • Altitude: 2200m-3300m • Temperature: +25-30 C (July-August) • Range: 7.3 km

Acclimatization to Mount Ararat

Today, we will have acclimatization hike up to the Mount Ararat. We will climb up from 3300 m to 4200 m to campsite 2 where we will camp the day after and come back to campsite 1 again. Let’s have our breakfast prepared by our cook at kitchen tent. We will also have our lunch box by our cook. Let’s pack up and start acclimatization walk up to the campsite 2. Enjoy beautiful nature of Mount Ararat in this phase. Let’s reach to campsite 2 after 6.5 km with 4-5 hour hiking and have rest there for 1 hour. Then, let’s come back to campsite 1. Have dinner and overnight at tent at campsite 1. • Altitude: 3300m-4200m • Temperature: +25 - +30 C(July-August) • Range: 6.5 + 6.5 = 13 km

Ascent to Ararat Mount

Today, we will climb up to campsite 2. Let’s pack up all equipments and start hiking all together. Horses will carry our equipments to campsite 2. After 6.5 km hiking, we will reach to campsite 2 at 4200 m. altitude. Let’s set our tents there. Have dinner and go to bed early. Be ready for summit day tomorrow. • Altitude: 3300m-4200m • Temperature: +20 - +25C (July-August) • Range: 6.5 km

Summit of Ararat

Today is the summit day. We need to get up early morning around 1:30am summit. Have a quick and strong breakfast and take your lunch box. Let’s have our equipments and start ascent to the summit of Mount Ararat. After 5-6 hour walking with short breaks, we will reach to the summit of Mount Ararat with an altitude of 5137 m. Take some time on the summit. See around Turkey side, Ermenian side or Iranian side. Feel peak of freedom at the highest point of Turkey there. Spending an hour at the top of the Mount Ararat, let’s start descent to campsite 2. Let’s have lunch there and refresh with drinks. Then, let’s pack up and continue descent to campsite 1 and then Cevirme village. The driver will pick up us from the village and transfer to Dogubeyazit to the hotel. . Let’s have dinner and overnight at campsite 1. • Altitude: 4200m-5137m -3300m • Temperature: +30 / +25 / -20 C (July-August) • Range: 14 km

Descent from Ararat

Let’s have breakfast at campsite 1 and pack up. We continue descent to Cevirme Village. The driver will pick us from the village and transfer to hotel in Dogubeyazit. Settling down to hotel, taking shower, and resting a while, let’s have a short city tour in the afternoon. Lets visit Meteor Crater, Urartian Castle, Ahmed-i Hani tomb, and Ishak Pasha Palace. If you still have time, we can go to local market for shopping. Or, you can try Turkish Hamam in Dogubeyazit as well. • Altitude: 3300m-2200m • Temperature: +25/30 C (July-August) • Range: 7.3km km


Let’s have breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the airport based on your flight schedule.

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