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Our main office is located in downtown area of Ankara. You are always welcome to stop by our office to have a coffee!

Physical Address: Korkutreis Mah. Ilkiz Sok. 12/2 Sıhhiye, Çankaya Ankara, TURKEY

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School Tourism

Best Trips for Students

Intensive course programs, homework, exams, and so on… Now, it’s time for holiday! Students deserve a nice holiday in fall break or summer holiday. We arrange best trips for students all around Turkey. We offer budget school tour packages based on your preferences. Do you want to spend time in a beach hotel? Or, would you like to discover historical sites? How about a natural trip to Black Sea? You will both learn, experience, and relax with our amazing tour designs for students.

Study Camping: Study and Travel

Studying is so enjoyable in our study camping programs. Students both study and travel at the same time in study camping programs. In all inclusive hotels, students study as a group under the supervision of experienced trainers. They spend time to study and then leave to discover popular destinations around or entertain at the hotel facilities. They learn, explore, and entertain in study camping programs. You are welcome to contact with us to organize a study camping together!

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