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Mountains are calling...

Black Sea Trekking Tour

Black Sea Trekking Tour

$1500 / per person
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People used to hike to access highlands in the past since there were only pathways to highlands. Everything was sincere and pure in the past. Throughout years, new car roads were built over most path ways to highlands, and today those amazing pathways don’t exist. We look for those routes but we can barely find path ways for hiking to highlands. However, there are still some hiking pathways around Black Sea. We just want to go back and live that sincerity to hike to highlands. Therefore, we designed Black Sea Hiking Tour which covers both popular destinations with hiking activities. You will hike between highlands, transit from north to south of Kaçkar, reach to the peak of Kaçkar, and transit from south to north of Kaçkar from different route. Enjoy peaceful nature of Black Sea, experience local culture, and hike through sincere pathways with Black Sea Hiking Tour.

9 Days
15+ Age
  • Destination
  • Departure
    Trabzon Airport/Trabzon Airport
  • Departure Time
    Any time for arrival. Tour starts the following morning at 9:00am
  • Return Time
  • Dress Code
  • Included
    Airport Transfer
    Museum/National Park Fees
    Travel Health Insurance
  • Not Included
    Domestic Flights

Tour Plan


Welcome to Black Sea

We welcome you at Trabzon Airport and transfer to hotel. The tour will start tomorrow morning. Have rest and be ready for tomorrow. If you arrive in trabzon earlier, we can have downtown tour stopping by Meydan Park, Maraş Street, Uzun Street, and Boztepe. Overnight in Trabzon at 3-4 Star Hotel

Trabzon- Sumela-Uzungöl

Have a nice breakfast and check out from the hotel. Let’s head to Altındere Valley where Sumela Monastery is located. Hike along Altındere River and then hike up to Sumela Monastery. Visit amazing monastery mounted on a mountain cliff. Then, drive to Uzungol. On our way, stop by Maçka to have Hamsiköy Sütlacı (rice pudding). Uzungol is so commercialized. There are a lot of hotels and shops around it. We will just see lake from the terrace and then start hiking to Karester Highland. Hike up inside the forest through peaceful nature. Going up tp the mountain you will see terrace views from some points. Finally, reach to Karester Highland. Meet with local people and experience highland life there. Walk along the top of Karester Highland and see beautiful nature of Uzungol from the terrace. Hike around highland and see other highlands on the top of other mountains. We will overnight at a nice hotel inside to forest which has a terrace view of Uzungöl. Overnight at Uzungöl Yeşilköşk Hotel Hiking Milostone: • Altındere Sumela: 4 km (1 hours) Altitude: 1071m-1323m • Uzungöl-Karester: 10 km (3.5 hours) Altitude: 1114m-2242m

Fırtına Valley- Çamlıhemşin- Şenyuva-Sal-Pokut

Have breakfast with nice view of Uzungöl. Pack up and let’s drive to Rize Fırtına Valley. Stop by historical Ottoman Bridges. Involve in rafting/zipline activities over Fırtına River. Then, drive to Şenyuva Village. See popular Love Bridge. Then, drive up to Sal Highland. See beautiful Sal Highland with its wooden houses. Spend some time in highland and hike to Pokut Highland. Enjoy beautiful view of Pokut over the clouds. Hike over the hills around highland. We will overnight at very hotel which was converted from a highland house. In the evening be ready for local dance “horon”. We will teach you how to do it with local music instrument bagpipe “tulum”. Listen to local music from highland shepherd. Overnight at Pokut Orion Boutique Hotel Hiking Milostone: • Sal-Pokut-Hills Route: 5 km (2 hours) Altitude: 1986m-2028m

Pokut-Hazindağ- Samistal- Amlakit

Today is going to be amazing hiking day. Have a nice highland breakfast and ready for hiking. We start hiking from Pokut to Hazindağ. Unfortunately, most parts of pathways are no longer available since new road was built but it still attracts people for hiking. Hike inside the forest and see beautiful views of nature over the clouds. In some parts we will walk through pathways as well. Reach to Hazindağ after 2.5 hour hiking. Have rest for 30 min. And start new hiking to Samistal Highland. You will see amazing views of Kaçkar valleys along the way. After 2 hour hiking we will arrive in Samistal. Have lunch in Samistal. Spend some time in highland and then head to Amlakit Highland. Our final hiking for the day will take 1.5 hour. Overnight at a nice highland pension in Amlakit. Enjoy local peaceful life in Amlakit. Overnight at Ufuk Pension in Amlakit Highland Hiking Milestone: • Pokut-Hazindağ: 8 km (2,5 hour) Altitude: 2073m-1834m • Hazindağ-Samistal: 2 hours • Samistal-Amlakit: 1.5 hours

Amlakit- Palovit Waterfall-Zilkale-Ayder Highland- Y.Kavron

In the morning let’s pack up and drive to Palovit Water Fall. Then, drive to Çamlıhemşin. Hike to Tar Bulut Waterfall. Enjoy beautiful nature along Tar River. See amazing Tar Bulut Waterfall and hike back to our car. Then, move to Ayder Highland. See around highland. You can go to Ayder Thermal Hamam which has a thermal spring water at 55 C reduced to 40 C. Hike from Ayder to Gallerdüzü. On our way see Gelintülü Waterfall. Then, drive to Y. Kavrun. On our way stop by Aşağı Kavrun Highland to see around. Arrive in Yukarı Kavrun. See around highland, meet with locals. Overnight at Şahin Pansion in Y.Kavrun Hiking Milostone: • Tar Bulut Waterfall Route: 4 km (1 hours) Altitude: 688m • Ayder-Galer Düzü: 6 km (2 hours) Altitude: 1241m-1678m

Y.Kavrun-Derebaşı Lake-Deniz Gölü-Dilberdüzü Camping

Today will be a fully hiking day. We will leave our luggage at the pension. Just take a backpack for two nights camping. We will provide a lunch box for today. Our all camping materials will be ready at Dilberdüzü Campsite. They will be brought from other part of Kaçkar from Yusufel Olgunlar by mules. So, let’s start hiking early morning. We will transit Kaçkar Mountain and camp in Dilberdüzü. We will hike 13 km to reach our campsite. We will hike along the Kavron River up to the Kaçkar. We will see Derebaşı Lake and Deniz Gölü on our way. We will have our lunch by the lake. Enjoy pure nature of Kaçkars during hiking. Finally, reach to Dilberdüzü campsite. Your tents will be ready for resting. Our cooking staff will prepare delicious dinner for us. Have rest and be ready for tomorrow. Overnight at Campsite in Dilberdüzü in a Tent Hiking Milostone: • Y.Kavrun-Dilberdüzü Campsite 13 km (7 hours) Altitude: 2262m-2900m

Hike to Kaçkar Summit

Are you ready to reach the peak? If so, you need to get up very early and have a quick breakfast. We pack up and have lunch box with us. Let’s start to climb up at 5:00 am in the early morning. After 45 min walking we reach to Deniz Gölü at 3450m. Enjoy beautiful Deniz Gölü (Sea Lake) which is known as the second deepest lake at highest point. Then, continue our way up to the Kaçkar. After 45 min, we reach to Decision Point at 3600m where participants need to make a decision whether continue to the peak or not. In the last phase, we go upper through challenging ways to the Kaçkar Peak at 3937m. Spent 30-40 minutes there, take pictures and feel the honor of being so high! Then, we start to go down carefully to Dilberdüzü. Overnight at Campsite in Dilberdüzü in a Tent Hiking Milostone: • Dilberdüzü- Kaçkar Peak-Dilberdüzü: 8 km (4 hours) Altitude:2900m- 3937m-2900m

Trans Kaçkar to Ayder

Today, we will transit from the South side of Kaçkar to the North side of Kaçkar. Starting from Dilberdüzü, hike to Dibedüz, cross Kaçkar Mountain and see beautiful lakes around. Have your lunch box on the way and enjoy pure nature along the way. Then, reach to Yukarı Kavron. Our driver will be waiting for us there. Then, we will transfer you to Ayder Highland. Enjoy Hamam in Ayder at Hot Spring Thermal facilities. Overnight at Ayder Köroğlu Hotel Hiking Milostone: • Dilberdüzü- Dibedüz-Büyük Deniz Lake-Y.Kavrun: 12 km (6 hours) 2900m-2262m

Shopping and Trasfer to Airport

Today, we will transfer you to the airport based on your flight schedule. On our way to airport, we will stop by special Rize Cloth Workshops and Trabzon Surmene Knife Manufacturing Museum. You can both experience the art and enjoy shopping there. The Blacksea is the homeland for the tea producers as well. We will have a quick Tea Factory trip as well. Transfer to the airport in Trabzon.

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